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Our Team

Our Team, or other Family rather, is made of a unique group of individuals all pouring their unusual personalities into the Eat Naked experience.  When we seek out new “Noodlers,” as we call them, to join our Team, we hire more on personality than skillset or past job experiences.  

We realize that soon after an employee masters the art of making our signature Mac & Cheese or Pad Thai Noodles, they may become complacent.  Instead, we want employees who after they master certain tasks at The Noodle, are outgoing, spirited and genuinely interested in interacting with our Customers in a fun and “playful” sort of way.  

We’ve created a enjoyable atmosphere with lively music in a casual authentic environment and we want to our customers to feel that “Locals’ Favorite” experience not only with the food and atmosphere, but the interactions  they share with our staff.  That’s what the Eat Naked Experience is all about!